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Grant Ready? Of Course!

MYTH: You have to be a good writer to apply for grants. WRONG! 

Just make your case in a concise way addressing all of funder's questions. 

Need a Grant-Writer? Why, when you can just do it yourself!

With thousands of available grants for all sized nonprofits, its time you LEARN to DO IT YOURSELF. Hiring a Grant-Writer can be expensive, especially for smaller nonprofits or start ups. Fees may range from $3,000 to $25,000. Knowing this, D.O.E.G. has designed courses to help Founders, Board Members, Ministries and newly formed nonprofits secure grants on their own until they can afford a professional. 

Now available are D.O.E.G. online courses specifically catered to your nonprofit. Such online courses aim to help your organization grow in its finances. For an example, know if your organization is ready to receive grants; learn the basics in grant-writing; get help putting together your next proposal; non-profit accounting; receive one on one coaching from renowned grant-writer, Eunice Gibson; download winning proposals; and more. 

With information and tools specifically catered to your nonprofit, these courses will help you strengthen its infrastructure and build its capacity. Courses will also help you keep abreast of innovative ways to grow and best practices specific to sustaining your nonprofit.

Enroll today in an online course and receive a certificate at completion. As the founder or leader within your nonprofit, it is important that you strengthen your skill set to take your organization to higher heights. Online learning will help you do just that at your own pace. Set up financial goals for your organization, select a course to assist you and get started today. Begin generating grants in weeks. 


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